swivel-group - Hydraulics Inc.

Hydraulics, Inc. is a privately held business located in Fort Worth, Texas. In 1955, the company was founded as a secondary machine shop. In 1965, the company was sold to Mr. D.F. (Frank) Howeth. Subsequently, Mr. Howeth developed the first inline swivel as a replacement to the ball lock couplings being used by the local utility companies on their service trucks.

The swivels were so well received that he began marketing them to OEM’s and soon established a distributor network. As time progressed, the 9S 90° Swivel, 18S 180° Swivel, 9SS dual plane, and 4-bolt flange swivels were added to the product offering making Hydraulics, Inc. the only swivel manufacturer to offer such an extensive range of swivel joints.

Hydraulics, Inc. was purchased in 2020 by current ownership, bringing with them a collective 25 years of experience working within the company.

We continue to expand our customer base and look forward to opportunities to solve a customer’s problem. The last 65 years have been a large success, and our vision to continuously improve and adapt will undoubtedly promise our success well into the future. Our mission is to ensure that we continuously supply the market with the highest quality components, at the most competitive price.